US SHIPPING: All orders incur a handling fee, no more than $2 per order with very small orders less. The shipping cost is an estimate based on the total of the order. If it is less than the actual cost, that’s my problem. If it is more than the actual cost (minus handling) you will be refunded the extra amount.

NOTE: I am no longer accepting ANY international orders that are under $50. I will accept orders $50 and over on a case by case basis.

The reason is that the US Post has stopped making “First Class International” available as a choice on their online system. I am now required to fill out customs forms by hand and then go to the post office and watch the clerk reenter all the information himself (and he types with only two fingers). It is not worth my time. Also, the postal rates have gone up dramatically. (I recently sent an $8 item for which the shipping cost $24!) If there is some sort of special need, you can appeal to me, but I don’t guarantee anything.

Again, international orders must be $50 and over. Anything less will be cancelled and your money refunded in full.

I do not have a cart system that can analyze the weight of everything purchased and calculate the shipping cost for all the possible locations.

So if you are ordering anywhere outside of the U.S. the shipping cost that you are first charged is only part of the total cost. Your order will be packaged, weighed, and the exact shipping cost will be calculated. I will then send you a “Money Request” through PayPal for the additional amount. You can then choose to either pay or to contact me to refuse it. I will then cancel your order and refund your total in full. Please note that the international shipping rates have recently increased.


You can contact me at with your order. I will package it, weight it and determine the exact shipping cost, and then send you a “Money Request” for the total. Again, you can choose to pay it or refuse it at that time.


As an alternative, order from someone in Europe! There are two places in Europe that carry some, but not all, of my products.

Heeza in Paris – You can order online.
Art Data in London – – They do not have an online system – contact . They mostly carry the flipbooks, and not all of the titles. Also, they distribute my toys and books throughout the UK and Europe. Martin can tell you what places nearest to you that carry my products.