In uncertain times, it’s nice to know that Mother Goose is still flying. This book is a reproduction of an original first published in 1923. It includes nine 2-page animations in full-color, as well as numerous b&w cartoons, filled with idiosyncratic American-style wit, illustrating Mother Goose verse. It was drawn by Charlie Bowers, a cartoonist and filmmaker of varied talents whose multiplicitous career spanned from the early teens to the forties. A biography of Bowers is included inside the book. 8½ X 8¾ inches, hardbound, shrinkwrapped.

Tap on Mother Goose and see her fly!
Tap the various pictures to see examples of some of the animations and illustrations. They will appear in a new window.
Mother Goose
Her Son Jack
3 Blind Mice
Simple Simon
10 O’Clock Scholar
Little Jack Horner
Tweedledum (& dee)
Tom, Tom the Piper’s Son

̶$̶1̶2̶.̶0̶0̶ $6.00

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