Building the Empire State

If this building vaguely looks familiar it might be due to the fact that in its finished state, it is an icon. During the construction of the Empire State Building, weekly pictures were taken, from 4 different angles, of its progress. Now archived at Columbia University’s Avery Library, the photographs are a unique historical record. And what better way to view them than in a flipbook. We chose the angle with the best series of photographs, and then chose 63 images from the set. Each image was carefully matched to register from one to the other. When the pages are flipped, the Empire State Building rises before your eyes. Truly fantastic. 4×6 inches, b&w.

NEW EDITION NOW AVAILABLE. Includes 14 image sequence of the deconstruction of the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel and 3 pages of historical background info, including quotes from the builder, Paul Starett.


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