Eadweard Muybridge Flipbooks

These books have become something of a classic and I think I know why. In a simple flipbook, one can see the movement behind the still images of this father of motion pictures. His motion studies of the 1880’s revolutionized both how we see human and animal locomotion as well as paving the way for the development of motion pictures. All Muybridge flipbooks are available either in a single package or as part of a set. There remain seven titles available from the 2004 edition.
Our newest edition of six animal sequences was published December 2011.

Cat galloping  $5.00

Elephant walking


Greyhound running     $5.00




Bactrian camel galloping


Man riding a horse

Sow walking

The titles from the previous 2004 edition are available as noted.
tipping hat $4.00

Woman skipping rope $4.00 Limited Supply

Woman jumping off stairs     $4.00

flying $4.00

Man walking $4.00

in leapfrog

Out of Stock

waltzing $4.00

walking $4.00

A set of 7 books is available as a wrapped set for $23:



Horse jump

Woman jumping off stairs

Man walking

Man tipping hat

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