I’ve been wanting to publish a paper doll for some time, but never found any that fits my way of seeing things (that is to say, slightly askew). This doll does! It is a very rare and lovely paper doll from the early 1830s, so rare that the savvy dealer from whom I purchased it had not only never seen such a thing before, but had no substantive information on it. It came in a homemade, hand-decorated wooden box that showed the toy was cherished and special. Exquisitely detailed, color drawings of a daringly bald model accompanied by 12 of the wildest, baroque hairstyles you can imagine, replete with feathers, arrows, and buns on top of braids on top of curls. The model is on a 4 x 6 inch size card, and each hairpiece is already cut out to place on her head. All packaged in an envelope approximately 5 x 7 inches, illustrated as shown.

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