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 What we got in this here package is a fascimile (that’s a liberal word for ‘copy’) of Dubya the Paper Sheriff hisself, a-tippin’ his hat* ‘n’ a-raisin’ his gasoline nozzle in salute. His oil pump is a-runnin’ ‘cuz Sheriff Dubya has made the world safe from Evil Oil Rustlin’ Doers. Now, don’t ya blames ‘ole Optical Toys for this here toy. ‘Twas designed by a feller from Ole’ Europe, by the name of Paper Pino (that’s him on the right). He’s also known as Giuseppe Civitarese by his fellow oceanographers, but he makes these here automatons when he ain’t goin’ fishin’. Ole’ Pino’s drawn all the parts you need and writ real clear instructions so ya don’t go haywire puttin’ this lil’ toy together. All you gotta do is cut, glue and crank up Dubya into action.

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