Automatons by Peter Markey

Paper Piano

 It seems that everyone wants to play the piano.
But playing the piano is hard. You have to learn so many different
things, and you can’t surf the web or watch TV at the same
time. And besides, there’s iTunes, so why bother? Here’s
the solution. Simply cut out all the little parts, score and
fold and glue them all together (in the right order) and then
all you’ll have to do is turn a crank. Adagio or vivace,
it’s your choice! Not that the piano this player is playing
will sound all that good. To be honest it will sound like paper
tapping on paper, but it’s a start. Composed by the mechanical
genius of Wales, Peter Markey, pictured right tinkling his keys.
Everything you need, except glue and patience, is included. The
time to completion is poco lento, maybe even allegretto, if you
have real musical talent.


Paper Mechanical Runner, Jogger, or Footballer


Whether you jog for health or just like to sit back and crank on a little paper toy, this paper automaton is for you. Included are all the parts and instruction necessary to make your choice of a man or woman runner or jogger or football player. (Click on the runner on the top to see it move.) ……..Go back to top.

Hand-Cranked Tennis Game

Is there anyone for……cranking?
That’s all you have to do to play this sort of mechanical paper
tennis, after you do a little cutting and gluing. Included are
all the necessary parts, wood rods, and complete instructions.
(Click on the image above to see it move.)

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Tiger Papers’ Finger-Flick®©™* mini-Miniature Golf Game
Make ‘n’ Play for Desktop, Table or Floor


Ever want to play golf, but dread all that walkng around? If so, here’s your
answer. This unique mini-Miniature Golf Game uses the special
Finger Flick®©™* process for teeing. All you need
for this golf game is one finger…and some scissors, glue, maybe
a pair of tweezers, oh, and an exacto-blade would be nice too.
Cut out all the pieces, follow the instructions, and within 2
or 3 hours you’ll be ready to play. (That’s a much
shorter time than those long waits at the green.) As an added
bonus you’ll have the famed PGA** golfer Tiger Papers to
assist you to that beckoning hole in one or three or seven. This
paper golf game was invented in the sand-trapped mind of Peter
Markey, paper pro of Wales, pictured at right, making a hole
in only twenty two.
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 *Really Comfortable Toy Manipulation **Paper
Golfing Association


There’s nothing like a boat ride on the lake underneath a full moon.
It’s even better in a boat you’ve made yourself.

Comes complete with a rower who will do the rowing for you, as long as you do the cranking.* Click on the image to get him rowing.

*Boat recommended for land use only.

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Paper or plastic? Smoking or non -smoking? As if you don’t have enough choices in your life, now here’s another one: jockey or cowboy?

Mechanical Galloping Jockey or Cowboy

 In this set you can choose to make one or the other. You can either crank to the finish line, or crank ’em cowboy!

Click on the picture above to see it move!

$5.00 Mechanical Jockey/Cowboy

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A Kissing Machine
Turn the crank and a man and a woman happily bob their heads up and down as they turn towards each other for a kiss. Click on the image to see them kiss.
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$5.00 Kissing Machine


Turn the crank and the paper dog barks and spins its tail.
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Click picture to see the dog bark


Paper cams and paper cogs and paper cranks.
Cut the paper, glue the paper, turn the crank.
Two innocent pieces of paper have become a . . .
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Mechanical Birdwatching Cat

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